♫ Girl ♫

♫ Girl ♫

Monday, October 8, 2012

* Crush'aholic *

Crush ... A Sudden Feel in the Heart,
which Happens in a Fraction of Second but
Gives You Immense Happiness ...

Crush ... May Not Last Long,
but the Pleasant Feel in it,
Cherishes Forever ...

Crush ... The Moment it's felt,
we just go crazy ...
A Little Thing,
but has a Foxy Feel in it ...

Crush ... is never called Love,
but if it lasts for a longer time,
then it may result in the latter ...

Crush ... An Angelic Feeling,
where Everyone come across,
atleast once in a while ...

Last but not the least,
Crush'es are Never Ending ;)

Feel Free To Crush ...
It costs You Nothing,
but a Great Feeling! :P

   Dimps The ◣Sм ι ℓ y ◥ Ğ ι я ℓ