♫ Girl ♫

♫ Girl ♫

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~ * Destined Friendship * ~

Met by Chance ...
Destiny Resulted in Friends
May not be in Touch Quite Often ... 
But if in a Worry, Heart beats in a Hurry
Started with a Strange Relationship ...
Ended Up in a Perky Friendship !! 

  * And I call it as a Destined Friendship *

                                                             DimpzZz ...

Monday, October 8, 2012

* Crush'aholic *

Crush ... A Sudden Feel in the Heart,
which Happens in a Fraction of Second but
Gives You Immense Happiness ...

Crush ... May Not Last Long,
but the Pleasant Feel in it,
Cherishes Forever ...

Crush ... The Moment it's felt,
we just go crazy ...
A Little Thing,
but has a Foxy Feel in it ...

Crush ... is never called Love,
but if it lasts for a longer time,
then it may result in the latter ...

Crush ... An Angelic Feeling,
where Everyone come across,
atleast once in a while ...

Last but not the least,
Crush'es are Never Ending ;)

Feel Free To Crush ...
It costs You Nothing,
but a Great Feeling! :P

   Dimps The ◣Sм ι ℓ y ◥ Ğ ι я ℓ

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday, April 8, 2011

♥ I'm a Happy Go Girl ♥

Watever may be the situation ..
.. just put a SMILE on yur Face
and ..
Feel the Difference ..

One Life ..
Utilize the Time ..
Make Precious Moments ..
Keep Urself Happy

I Luv to Be Happy ..
and ..
Luv to keep my surroundings Happy
n Hoping the same from U

Dimps The ◣Sм ι ℓ y ◥ Ğ ι я ℓ

Saturday, September 11, 2010

♥♪ Love is when .. ♥♪

Love is when ..
He starts getting serious about his life ..
and she stops thinking about it ..

Love is when ..
He starts saving money to spend only for her ..
and she stops spending on herself ..

Love is when ..
He starts getting crazy on her every move ..
and she start realizing how beautiful is she for someone :)

Love is when ..
He starts telling her every little thing ..
and she starts talking about all things around her ..

Love is when ..
He stops sleeping just to see her sleep ..
and she starts sleeping just to let him look at her ..

Love is when ..
He starts treating her as if she is his wife ..
and she starts learning to cook food to prove it true ..

Love is when ..
He starts getting close to her ..
and she never stops him from this ..

Love is when ..
He stops looking at other girls ..
and she starts getting serious about her own looks ..

Love is when ..
He cries while reading this poem ..
and she smiles for the same :)

♥♪ Falling in Love is the Beautiful Thing in Life ♥♪

..... Dimps .....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ஃᅔ Destiny Decides ஃᅕ

I dont understand ..
y life changes so soon ..
the moment i feel happy ..
sadness follows latter to it ..

I dont understand ..
y destiny changes continously ..
without even my notice ..

I dont understand ..
y priorty changes so soon ..
even before we get very close ..

At the end ..
nothing remains ..
except ME ..
and Only ME ..
Destiny Decides the way of our life ..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~ I .. Need a Friend .. ~

I need a friend ..
when i feel like shedding a tear ..

I need a friend ..

when i feel like screaming ..

I need a friend ..

when i like to be lonely ..

I need a friend ..

when my heart aches ..

I need a friend ..

when i feel weak ..

When i'm dull ..
I need a friend ..

To cheer me up ..

I need a friend ..

when i go crazy about unnecessary stuff ..

I need a friend ..

when i feel like running away from this world ..

When i feel like hugging my soul ..

I need a friend ..